In some ways, the easiest way to explain Reiki is to let you see it in action. Every Reiki practitioner or therapist will work in their own way but most conform to the standard hand positions and disciplines.

Having been a sceptic for much of my life, I’m not comfortable with a lot of what I’ve found on the internet but here are some clips from YouTube of a Reiki session taking place. I like the attitudes of both these practitioners who seem to be able to communicate well just what to expect from a session.

In the next clip, Jessica uses Sound Therapy along with the Reiki. While this might appear strange, many Reiki practitioners will use other therapies as an adjunct to the Reiki. Some are very happy using a “Singing Bowl” to deal with Chakra blockages for example.

If that isn’t enough for you, here’s another clip of Julie van Wart of the Body Rescue Zone in Berlin who talks us through the wonders of Reiki.