Music Tours & Concerts

We have personal experience of running rock music tours and being the “on-tour” publicist for major rock acts. We understand the stresses of frustration, boredom and even stage-fright that can see artists trash hotel rooms, get totally wasted or refuse to go on stage. Reiki can deal with all of those situations and stop them posing problems.

Having a tour Reiki Master/practitioner means that everyone, from loaders and riggers through sound crew and techs to management and artists has round-the-clock access to a complementary therapist. That ensures that everyone on the road can be relaxed, unstressed and working at the peak of their abilities.

If nothing else, there’s always a sensitive listener on hand to talk to, who is governed by the same ethics and rules of confidentiality as any other health professional. Sometimes that alone can make a huge difference to the way a tour functions. The addition of Reiki on-tap, whenever anyone needs it, can boost everyone’s attitude and productivity.

Dance Tours and Events

We have an experienced dancer and certified Reflexologist with a deep knowledge of the art and understanding of the stresses and strains of pushing a body to its limits. No matter the size of the event or number of dancers, having a Reiki practitioner on hand benefits everyone.

Needless to say, we also work with stand-up comics, one-man shows and theatre groups.

How to proceed

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