Whoever you are and whatever you want Reiki for, we’re here to help.


Reiki sessions, regardless of whether they’re for relaxation or specific problems, last approximately one hour. If you’re coming to deal with a physical or mental complaint, then we would recommend a first session of 90 minutes to ensure you get the most from your Reiki.

If when treating a condition or complaint we feel there is an underlying problem that needs medical attention we will advise you to seek that. We do keep confidential records for insurance purposes. You will be required to sign a sheet detailing that you understand Reiki is a complementary therapy and that we cannot prescribe medication of any sort. This is part of our duty of care to all of our clients.

Reiki sessions for individuals can be done at your home or office or at our premises, whichever is most convenient. We can offer home treatment visits around the Limoges area, often bookable at short notice. Other areas in the Limousin are limited to specific days, please contact us for details.

If we’re visiting you, you might also wish to consider your pets. Reiki is great for older cats and dogs and can often give them a real boost. A pet session will usually take no more than 10 minutes.

During visits we can also Reiki your house or specific rooms. Houses can build up negative energy. Clutter and the layout of rooms can effect the energy flow through them. Reiki can be used in exactly the same way as Feng Shui to ensure your home is full of positive energy.

Hourly rates with a practitioner/Reiki Level II – € 30. With a Master – € 35.

How to proceed

To find out more, or book a session, please use the comments box below. Make sure you include your email address or contact telephone number. Please note, this will only be seen by us. If you feel you’d rather talk to someone in person, please call 07879007421.