While it might seem a paradox, often the way to get people in high-powered stressful jobs to operate at their very best is to get them relaxed. Reiki relaxes you, clears the head of incessant chatter, focuses you and makes you feel good, unlike anything else.

If you’re pitching for a contract or funding and want to do it stress-free and totally centred, Reiki will really help. When you’re next planning a team-building exercise, why not pamper your staff and give them a day of Reiki and relaxation. Unlike paintball, off-roading or bungee jumping, everyone will be totally equal and you’ll get a real feeling of unity; of being a team.

For conferences, trade-shows and other events, it’s well worth considering taking a Reiki practitioner with you. Sometimes the buzz of a big event can really drain staff. They get listless, too hot, stressed and even manifest headaches or nausea. Having a Reiki table set up in a room or behind your stand can mean your staff can take a short break and be treated on the spot, often enabling them to return revitalized and able to get the most out of the day.

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