Q: Do I have to believe in anything to get Reiki?

A: No. Reiki is not a religion. You don’t need to believe in God or be a religious person. It’s a natural healing method that has an effect not unlike Yoga or Tai-Chi.

Q: Will getting Reiki change me?

A: Probably not. You’ll feel relaxed, have a wonderfully calming, soothing experience and walk away refreshed. Some people, the Reiki practitioners and Masters for example, find it does change their life but it’s usually a fairly slow process. They start as anyone, with a Reiki session and delve deeper into it and for them it becomes a personal journey.

Q: What will I feel?

A: During a session, you’ll often experience a tingling sensation as the practitioner’s hands pass over you. You’ll may also be aware of the heat from their hands. Both of these are perfectly normal. In some cases, if you’ve been suffering from something, you may well feel slight pain in that area which passes during the session. Many people say that the most obvious sensation is one of stillness. A frequent description is that someone will come to the session with their head full of all their problems and the incessant barrage of thoughts that fill their consciousness and as the session progresses, these just slip away until their mind is clear.

Q: Is my session confidential?

A: Yes. Reiki practitioners, although complementary therapists, are bound by the same codes of ethics as any traditional therapists and doctors. Any Reiki sessions you might have are as confidential as any of your medical records.

Q: Does that mean a Reiki practitioner will prescribe medication?

A: No. They can’t and won’t. Sometimes, however, they will recommend you see your doctor if they feel you have an underlying health problem that you’re trying to avoid by taking an “alternative” therapy. All Reiki practitioners have a duty of care to their clients and as such will often recommend drinking more water, avoiding drugs, cutting down alcohol consumption and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. They may well teach you some type of relaxation technique that you can use whenever and wherever you need to. It’s clinically proven that reducing stress levels has a positive effect on your health.

Q: Can I give myself Reiki?

A: No, not without an attunement. If you enjoy your Reiki session, talk to your practitioner about taking it further. They’ll probably give you a book or hand-outs to read and if you are serious will structure a programme to suit you.

Q: What is an attunement?

A: It’s when a Reiki Master, almost literally, hands on the ability to act as a channel for Reiki. There are three levels of Reiki and each one has a different attunement.

Q: What are the levels?

A: Level 1 is when someone can give themselves, their family and friends Reiki. It’s a wonderful way of reconnecting with those around you and sharing love with them. Making people you care for feel good makes everyone’s life better.

Level 2 is when someone who has been a Level 1 for sometime decides they want to work professionally with Reiki. It’s not a simple case of going from Level 1 to Level 2 and handing out business cards. Often it will take months, if not years, before a master will sign off on their student proving themselves competent as a practitioner before giving them the certificate that allows them to get professional insurance. Most Level 1s never make it to Level 2 and many who have the Level 2 attunement never get their certificate.

Level 3 is the Master attunement that allows a Reiki practitioner to give attunements to others. Far from being the end of a process, many consider the 3rd attunement just to be the start of a journey. While a Level 3 can give attunements from the moment they’ve had their own 3rd attunement, it might be years before their Master will grant them that same title. I think that’s wonderful. In a time when we can have almost anything instantly, it’s great to know that you have to study, be diligent and prove yourself to your master’s standard before being given such a burden of responsibility.

Q: Is there anything you wouldn’t treat with Reiki?

A: One would never give Reiki to someone who’s just broken a bone in an accident. It’s said that the bone will start to fuse and may need to be broken again in hospital!

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