We teach Usui Reiki. There are many different types of Reiki but we practice and teach only the one.

It’s possible to get training and attunements without ever meeting your Reiki Master but that isn’t the way we work. We teach the way we were taught and as with all things Reiki, if it works for you – go with it.

Whenever possible, we teach 1-2-1. If we haven’t met you already (through treatments or an introductory evening) we will insist on meeting before any training. Student and teacher must feel comfortable with each other.

Level I

Covers the history and development of Reiki; Reiki meditation and hand positions. Following the attunement you’re given an opportunity to do your first treatment. We discuss understanding what your hands are telling you and how to self-treat along with treating friends, family, pets and plants. We ask that you follow a strict course of “homework” and keep a Reiki diary for 30 days after attunement.

The daily self-treatment that we ask you to perform as part of your homework will often act as a detox for the body and mind. As a result, your Master/teacher is always available to discuss any issues that the Reiki brings up.

During your homework period, we’ll organize a number of meetings where you can get together with other students, discuss your feelings and what you’ve been learning as well as do some hands-on practice with others.

Course cost: € 150

Level II

We normally recommend waiting at least 6 months between between receiving a Level I attunement and getting Level II.

With Level II, you progress from a physical hands-on Reiki to one where you deal with the mind, distance and time. You’ll start with your attunement and then begin your training in earnest. You’ll be given your symbols and mantras and be set to work instantly. After all, Reiki works best when you’re using it.

You’ll be taught how to Reiki situations. Everything from experiences you’ve had, through what you’re in the midst of, to what lies ahead of you. We’ll teach you how to deal with past traumas and apply Reiki to them to heal any suffering you (or a future client) might still experience. We’ll explain how to Reiki over distances using visualization or some form of proxy. The instruction will also cover Chakra clearing and how to deal with blockages to increase the power of your Reiki.

A Level II certificate enables anyone to get professional insurance to act as a Reiki practitioner. We do not give out certificates until students have completed a series of case studies. Working with Reiki at Level II can have a profound effect on students that can see their lives alter dramatically. Often it becomes a deep commitment to personal growth and helping others. This period of awakening is best experienced whilst still under the tutelage of your Master/teacher.

We believe that giving anyone a Reiki treatment builds an etheric bond between the two of you. Such a connection can never be entered into lightly. All Reiki practitioners owe their clients a duty of care and we seek to instill a deep understanding of that into all our students.

Many will take Level II for personal reasons alone. As such, they have no need of certificates and no desire to practice professionally. For those that do, we are diligent and rigorous in ensuring the highest standards from our students but we’re always only a phone call, e-mail or text away.

Course cost: € 200.

Level III

There are many who see this as the culmination of learning Reiki but we do not. We see the Level III attunement as the beginning of a personal voyage that brings Reiki into every aspect of your life. It becomes the path that you follow. There’s a huge jump between Level I and Level II but the move to Level III is a quantum leap.

Reiki at this level can often see your attitudes completely change along with your lifestyle. Accordingly, every course is tailored to suit the student and the path they choose to follow – Master practitioner or Master teacher.

Level III attunements will only be given to students who have done their Level II with us.

Course cost: on application.