Meditation Classes

From July, I will be holding meditation classes in Saint-Yrieix-La-Perche both mornings and evenings to cater for a variety of lifestyles.

The classes are tailored for everyone, experienced or not. There will be no group chanting or anything which anyone might find uncomfortable taking part in.

Classes will centre on breathing exercises and a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques for every level of experience. Class sizes will be small enough to ensure that everyone feels the full benefit of the session.

How Meditation Helps

Despite following a dream to live an idyllic life in France, many people find it comes with difficulties. Leaving long established habits and routines to build new ones can seem daunting. Making new friends and integrating can often be stressful and there may even be worries about whether the move was the right one.

Meditation can stop the doubts and worries and build confidence, enabling a person to live in, and for, the moment without constantly dwelling on what has happened in the past and what may yet happen.

It’s not a miracle cure and it’s not a quick fix solution. It’s a discipline and takes time and commitment but is totally rewarding.

For further details

If you’ve got any questions regarding meditation and how it might help you, please email: